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8 Week’s Post-Op; Is My Knee Healed?

To make up for the fact I never wrote a blog post about week 8 of recovery, I thought I would quickly write one to update everyone on how my 8-week X-Rays and follow up went this morning. Yes, you read that right… I am actually writing a blog post on the same day everything has happened. I won’t lie, I’m mainly doing this to remind myself of what happened, as I have the memory of a goldfish. 

Whilst my appointment with Mr M wasn’t until 11 this morning, I had to get to the hospital early in order to have X-Rays done. The actual X-Rays were terrifying as the radiographer made me take my brace off , walk up some steps to this weird podium and then turn around whilst bending my knee, with nothing to hold on to (bearing in mind, I hadn’t been cleared to walk without my brace yet, let alone attempt to walk up steps and I still have zero trust in my knee). 

I did make it safely with my knee still in-tact, thank goodness (one hurdle down)!

After about 5 minutes (I spent more time waiting in the X-Ray department than the X-Ray and follow up combined), it was time to walk back to the other side of the hospital to go and see Mr M. 

So, what actually happened in my appointment and is my knee now healed?

Nope, my knee is far from healed, which was to be expected after such a big operation. 

However, the bone is healing really well for this point in recovery. There is no sign of malunion, no stress fracture, most of the swelling has gone and for now there is no indication of the screw needing to come out (thank god because I’m not sure I can face another knee surgery for a while). 

I do now have 11 scars on my knee, rather than just the 1 that Mr M left me with, thanks to a huge skin reaction, which unbeknownst to me caused an infection. Now, you may be wondering how I didn’t know that my skin was infected but, in my defence, I have absolutely no feeling down the right side of my leg after my nerves were cut through during surgery, so I couldn’t feel anything when I touched my leg. Luckily, all is sorted now and I just have an extra 10 scars to add to the collection. 

I’m still not allowed to drive and am not likely to be able to for another 2 months at least, as I still can’t bend my knee without pain. However, I have officially been cleared to remove my brace and start walking around and sleeping without it on. I still have zero trust in my knee so Mr M agreed that it is best to keep my brace on whenever I am not in the house for now, but over time I will hopefully be able to say goodbye to it for good. 

Possibly the weirdest part of my appointment was when Mr M told me I have to give my knee a deep tissue massage 5 times a day (something about loosening things – I still don’t quite understand what but hey, Mr M is the knee specialist so whatever he says goes…).

And finally, the news I have been waiting for…

I can start Rehab (orthopaedic rehab that is…)!!!

Mr M reiterated that the last 8 weeks was purely allowing my body to recover from surgery and that the actual recovery is only starting now, so I still have a very long way to go but I am so ready to smash (hopefully) rehab and get fully back up and running. 

But for now, whilst I wait for rehab to start, I will be here bending my knee just as I promised Mr M I would. 

Recovery updates will be getting much less frequent from here on out as realistically there is not much to update you all on until rehab starts. Head over to my Instagram if you do want to keep up to date with what is going on, as that is where all health updates will be. 

Lauren x

20 September 2020

17 November 2020

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